What Is A Parent Responsibility?

You know how on the airplane, when they give the safety instructions, they always say that in case of an emergency, the parent must always put his own musk first? I remember as a child it always puzzled me. I couldn’t understand how a parent would choose his own safety over his child. How he … Read more

What Is Discipline For Children?

A child is born with no certain pattern of behavior installed inside. He is a clean slate. Through his childhood years he is extremely receptive and learns in great speed. He will learn how to talk in one language or more, depending on what languages will be spoken around him. He will learn to communicate … Read more

Ways To Improve Emotional Health

Before we begin I would like to first say that working on improving our emotional health is a life long task. If you have done some work on you emotions already surely you know the benefit is great. We touched the subject of emotional health through parenthood, but it is always going to be beneficial … Read more

Good Parent Qualities

Parenting does something in the core of you. It changes you deep inside. In many aspects of yourself you remain the same, but with a little, yet not so little, twist added. For me, the move into motherhood happened very smoothly. I was waiting eagerly to become a mom and my firstborn was (and still … Read more

My Toddler Won’t Eat

It’s becoming a habit. A bad one. You sit his highness to eat. You know he should be hungry. You made him something that you know he likes. And he refuses to eat. My Toddler Won’t Eat. Why???   Ever happened to you?   I would imagine it happened at least once or twice in … Read more

Kids Tool Set – For Exploring & Imagining

So you finally got the kids to leave the phones / tablets / computers and they are outside playing with friends. There is nothing that makes my heart sing louder than watching a group of little ones diving into their imaginary world. Within seconds, they are completely submerged in it and forget about everything else. … Read more

How to Teach Kids to Share

You’re in the living room. Laughing with a couple of friends you once had plenty of time to spend with, and since the children were born, much less. For a moment it seems like you are actually about to get a moment for yourselves to enjoy. Then a terrible scream is heard from the direction … Read more

What Is Balance Bike For Toddlers?

What is equilibrium? Equilibrium is the body’s ability to keep the center of gravity above the body’s support base. A proper equilibrium system allows us to: • See clearly while in motion. • Identify what is up and what is down (gravity). • Identify the direction and speed of movement. • Know how to correct … Read more