Balance Scooter For Kids

The physical body is the basic structure on which the emotional and intellectual ones will later develop.


It used to be very natural developing our physical bodies as children – Playing outdoors for hours on end with our friends,. Climbing trees, kicking a ball. The world was considered safe.

But things have changed and the world is not so safe these days. This has led to a drastic change in daily life for children as they spend much more time indoors (If you are like me and have not been able to rule against ball kicking indoors, you probably have a few missing light bulbs too..).


Great toys for the never-running-out-of-energy-monkeys are scooters and balance bikes. It’s great for developing the balance system and their confidence. Scooters mainly can be used indoors as well as outdoors. and it’s great great fun.


I’ve gathered here some information on 3 balance scooters for kids that are highly recommended by parents.

There are scooters with seats, but I like them less because they don’t serve the balance system development, and children don’t use their bodies and spend as much energy sitting on those.


So here’s what I got:


6KU Scooter

Parents think it’s a great value for money scooter. Very light, can be used indoors without hurting wood floors, very easy to assemble. Just takes a few days to learn the turning/leaning technique.


Here are some details:

Age: 3-5

Extra wide PU LED wheels. Large aluminum reinforced rear-wheel foot brake.

Lean-to-steer design.

Max load weight 110 lbs.

4 Adjustable heights – 23 to 30 inches from ground.

Detachable handlebar.

Led flashing wheels.

$49.97 from Amazon



Y Glider Kiwi Scooter

Parents think it’s a wonderful scooter. Very easy to steer, great build quality and durability, rides extremely smooth.



Age: 3-8 years.

Extra wide deck and lightweight frame.

Extra wide LED front wheels. Rear-wheel foot brake.

Max loading weight 110 lbs / 50 kg.

Adjustable handlebars – 3 adjustable heights.

Detachable handlebar.

Min user height 34.6 in / 88 cm.

$59.99 from Amazon



Micro kickboard

Parent say the wheels are super smooth and roll over most surfaces.  The brake which is activated by stepping on the stopper and applying pressure to the back wheel, is really easy for children to use. Great costumer service. Very easy to assemble. Extremely solid and the lean to steer design is great for little one.

Age: 2-5

Weight: 3.5 pounds

Rear-wheel foot brake.

Lean-to-steer design.

Non-marking wheels for riding indoors.

Max load weight 44 lbs.

High quality wheels and a flexible fiberglass reinforced deck.

78.99$ from amazon



In my opinion all 3 scooters seem great. The 6KU is slightly cheaper but the Y glider will last your child until older age. The Micro scooter is the most expansive but people say it lasts a few children. All in all really 3 great scooters.


I hope you found this useful. If you find yourself with nothing to do now that your child is flying all over the place with the new scooter, write down a few words for me. Let me know which scooter you have chosen and what you think of it. I will be happy to hear from you regarding that or any other thing.


All the best,


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