Kids Tool Set – For Exploring & Imagining

So you finally got the kids to leave the phones / tablets / computers and they are outside playing with friends.

There is nothing that makes my heart sing louder than watching a group of little ones diving into their imaginary world. Within seconds, they are completely submerged in it and forget about everything else.

I found this kids tool set recently on Amazon. It’s a great little addition that can get their imagination and excitement flying.



I mean – Is there anything more exciting than binoculars and a torch?

Oh! The places they’ll go!


In my nursery the children go crazy over every beetle or ant that passes by. Whenever they come to me, out of breath because they are just so excited, everything stops for me and I just smile, so glad I chose to spend my days with them. What natural respect they have for everything that lives. No matter how small or how common. So many experiences that would pass me unnoticed, I get to experience in full thanks to them.

But, despite all that I just wrote, while they are huddled around some living creature, I always make sure one of us adults stand by their side. They have hearts full of love. Really. But sometimes that love might lead them to poke a stick, or crush with their foot. So we’re always around. Helping them do what they really meant originally.


They love cockroaches. I grew up in a farm, so cockroaches were always around and I’m fine with them. But I guess not all adults can take that, and you are allowed to set your limits.



So when they are outdoors it’s really the perfect opportunity to let them research everything they can find. It’s amazing how many beetles and bugs are living right beside us and we hardly ever notice them.

With a flashlight I always offer some dark corner to explore, depending on the game of the day: a cave, a house of monsters, an old castle, and so on. Any idea you offer seriously, they will follow you. It’s really amazing actually. They believe anything you say completely whole-heartedly (that is until a certain age of course). I sometimes check it out and tell them stories about purple cabbages talking to me and a leaf that I heard crying, etc. For them anything is entirely possible and they will continue the game from where you will take them.



The importance of Imagination

I have written a whole article about the importance of imagination (see the article here). Imagination is not something we need to create in children. They come with a tremendous ability to imagine. We just have to keep them from losing it.

We live in a fast-paced world full of information. We love our children and so we want to give them. We want them to succeed in life and so we enrich them. We teach them English at 2 years old, yoga at 4, advanced math at 8. We love them so much that we just want the best for them.

If we don’t stop to think about it and simply act automatically, best will normally include more things that we buy for them. Be it toys or tutorials of some sort.


This behavior of us, parents, towards our children makes them passive. All day they just collect and collect and collect information. When a child gets used to being in a passive position, over time his ability to imagine is impaired.


Imagine is to be active. Imagine is to develop my creativity skills. Imagine is to enjoy the beauty of my human non-perfect ideas and thoughts.

All that so that one day when these children grow up and become the ones who run this place and move it forward, they will have an infinity of ideas and lots of creativity within them, to navigate it to good places.

Here’s the link again for the kids tool set.


Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you.

All the best, Nirit

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